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Equine Rehabiliation at Great Eaves Farm

with Jenny Adamson - Vet Physiotherapist.


Your horses can be referred to Jenny Adamson (Qualified Equine Vet Physiotherapist) directly for in-house specialist intenstive treatment as required.


This can be done on a long or short time basis, depending on the injury and required rehabilitation.

                            Great Eaves Farm - Equine Rehabilitation

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Here are just some of the injuries that we can manage...

  • Tendon/Ligament Injuries;

  • Muscle Injuries (Tears & Pulls);

  • Fractures;

  • Wounds - acute and chronic/non healing;

  • Post kissing spine surgery rehabilitation;

  • Post medication rehabilitation (sacroiliac/hocks);

  • Blemishes - capped hocks, splints, etc can all be improved;

  • Injuries within the hoof capsule - treatment, farriery and rehabilitation of movement;

  • Osteoarthritis - rehabilitation to improve joint health and strengthen horse;

  • Muscle damage from ill fitting saddles.

For further information or to book in a horse please contact Jenny:


Telephone -  07976 930895


Website -  www.equinephysicaltherapist.co.uk


Facebook Page - Jenny Adamson - Equine Physio


Email -  jenadamson99@yahoo.co.uk